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קtrike_@_Pø§e×'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[16 Dec 2005|06:41am]

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Are you LiveJournal's Top Model?
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[05 Dec 2004|03:01pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hi i am new here and lookin for some feedback on my pictures... i am a model , and i model for Xpo model and Talent... please rate my picture!


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New :) [26 Nov 2004|07:35pm]

Hey, my name is Erica, I'm 15, a sophmore in high school and I live in New York. I'm a musician (i play flute and piccolo, soon to study piano), singer and actress- I love musical theatre or any kind of theatre. Being on stage and performing is like my life.

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[29 Jul 2004|12:18pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi all, I'm new here! This seems like a cool community...one without all the drama and all. My name is Anita. I'm 23, I live in Chicago and I bartended. Anyway, here is my picture. I hope you like!

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[12 Jul 2004|10:55pm]

hi. i'm new. my name is tiffany & i am 18. i attend scranton university, as a biology/pre-med student. please be nice.

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promotion. [27 Jun 2004|10:19pm]

come & join my brand new community wicked__ill. first five are automatically accepted.
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new york city here i come! [26 May 2004|10:07pm]

[ mood | Happy :D ]

I got a new camera...Collapse )

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*stamped* [22 May 2004|05:43pm]

PROM 2004Collapse )
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stamped [12 May 2004|01:39pm]

i was stamped back in september and i havent been on for awhile plus i got a new lj name so does that mean that i have to try out again??

my new lj names roxii_xox
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New Kid On The Block [13 Mar 2004|11:53am]

[ mood | amused ]

My name is JaNelle. I'm 15 and I live in a small ass town called Simi Valley, CA. My passion is writing. I love to sing &I love music. I'm at active person &like to stay physically fit. LOVE snowboarding &just driving around with my best friend Nick. He's the best! I'm a sucker for a guy on a board. Musicians, too. Oh and I'm sure everyone knows this one... the ones who are taken. lol :) Darn them for being so irresistibly irresistible.

mix the chemicals right, dearCollapse )

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second update ! [22 Feb 2004|01:09am]

Go join / Apply for nonuglybrunette !
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Application [21 Feb 2004|12:59pm]

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[21 Feb 2004|01:20pm]

[ mood | content ]

S-s-s-Stamped.Collapse )

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[28 Jan 2004|11:03am]

[ mood | excited ]

your actions will be louder than your wordsCollapse )

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JOIN NOW! [04 Jan 2004|12:28pm]

If your one who loves the 80s then come Join my new community!!!


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[20 Dec 2003|03:35pm]
Am I In?

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new [17 Dec 2003|07:14pm]

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stamped [16 Dec 2003|04:22am]

I'm stamped and such....and promoting my community!!!! Didn't see anything in the rules that said I couldn't so if you are a member at just_dazzling, feel free to promote this community there as well! :)

and so it isn't text/advertising only :-PCollapse )
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photoshopped.. [04 Dec 2003|09:19pm]

[ mood | calm ]

got bored... photoshopped my pics a little... okay a lot.

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I'm sorry I can't be perfect [24 Nov 2003|02:38pm]

hey can anybody tell me how to put pix on a journal entry? If somebody shows me how, I can fill this site w/myself.
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